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Great news! A brand-new iOS 12 jailbreak has been released. It’s called Chimera, and it comes to us from the Electra jailbreak team, bringing support for all iOS devices, including the later A12 iPhones and iPads, unlike previous jailbreaks that didn’t offer that support. Read on for all the details.

chimera app

Let’s get started

How to Install Chimera Jailbreak:

Chimera jailbreak can be installed in two ways, both easy enough to do. Before you start, make sure you have no iOS 12 OTA files on your device; otherwise, you will end up in a boot loop.

Method 1: Configuration Profile

Download Link 1 

Download Link 2 

Download Link 3 

Download Link 4

To do this, you need a third-party installer called Emus4U, TopStore or TweakBox, that also offers a whole load of other apps and games too; here’s how to get it:

  1. Download Emus4U onto your device
  2. Open it and search for Chimera  chimera emus4u app iphone x spacegrey_portrait (4)_app download
  3. Tap on it and tap Install 
  4. Go to your iPhone home screen and launch the jailbreak app to begin the jailbreak process. chimera iphone x
  5. Tap the Jailbreak option and wait for it to detect your device and apply the jailbreak.chimera jailbreak iphone
  6. When it’s done, the jailbreak is ready to use along with Sileo  sileo chimera iphone x
  7. If you face errors like this ( FileSystem could not be Remounted ), delete any OTA update you might have on your device and do airplane mode. This should help. chimera error filesystem could not be remounted_app_download
  8. After your device is jailbroken, some apps or games might not work as they detect your device is jailbroken. To fix this, download a Jailbreak Detection Bypass app.

Note: If some of your apps or games stop working after a jailbreak, then you will have to install an anti-jailbreak detection app on your iOS device.

Method 2: Chimera IPA File Installation

Chimera IPA File Download Link 1

This is a common way of installing jailbreaks these days, and you will need a tool called Cydia Impactor.

  1. Download Cydia Impactor to your computer
  2. Download the Chimera IPA file
  3. Open Cydia Impactor and connect your device  chimera app cydia impactor_app download
  4. When it has been detected, drag and drop the IPA file into Cydia Impactor
  5. Type your Apple ID/Password and click OK on the Expired Certificate warning message
  6. Wait; when Cydia Impactor has finished, the jailbreak is on your home screen
  7. Open Settings > General > Profiles, find and tap the app name, and tap Trust
  8. The jailbreak is ready to use. Tap on the Sileo app icon on your screen sileo jailbreak app

Wait, there’s more

App Features:

Chimera jailbreak is packed with features, including:

  • Support for all iOS devices, right up to the latest
  • CoreTrust bypass – much faster, much safer
  • Includes Sileo for package installation and management
  • ChimeraTV jailbreak for Apple TV on tvOS 12 – tvOS 12.1.2
  • Very stable and user-friendly
  • Easy to install
  • Includes all your favorite tweaks, packages, mods and more

Be aware

It is a semi-untethered jailbreak which means, whenever your device is rebooted, you must rejailbreak it. There is also a dedicated Reddit thread with all Chimera Jailbreak related questions and answers.

How to Install Cydia after Chimera Jailbreak:

The package manager on Chimera jailbreak is Sileo, not Cydia. For those that prefer to use Cydia, we’re going to tell you how to install it on the jailbreak.  It isn’t difficult but you do need to follow these steps exactly as they are written:

  1. First, open Sileo on your device and tap on the Sources option sileo repo add iphone x
  2. Tap on Edit > Add and type in this source – Sileo-repo add_app_
  3. Tap Add and wait for the source to be added before refreshing your Sources – open sources and pull down on the page
  4. From this source, install a package called Cydia for Chimera/Electra – be aware that this removes the package called Cydia Compatibility cydia for chimera iphone
  5. Next, close down Sileo and tap the Cydia icon to open it
  6. A popup message will appear, warning you about packages that are only partly installed – you can disregard this
  7. Open Sources and tap on Edit > Add and type this source in –
  8. Tap on Add and refresh your sources once again
  9. Now find Sileo and tap to uninstall it – it can be reinstalled at any time through this new source. Important: Do not install Cydia Compatibility Package from the new Chimera repo. You can remove it by removing the Chimera repo if you want but do not upgrade.

Cydia is now installed but, to get it working as it should be, we need to add two more sources and a couple of tweaks.

  1. Go back into Cydia and tap Sources
  2. Tap Edit > Add and add the following two repos – https://repo.pixelomer.comand
  3. Next, install two tweaks, one called Cydia Universal and the other called PreferenceLoader

That will ensure that Cydia runs smoothly in the Chimera jailbreak on your iPhone or iPad.

We’re not done yet.

How to Delete Jailbreak:

delete app

Should you need to, deleting the jailbreak appstore installed using Chimera ( i.e. Sileo or Cydia ), it is very easy to do. Check out the link below for more details:

Alternative Jailbreak Apps:


There is another utility called Unc0ver that you could try but, although it offers the same kind of features, it will not work on the A12 devices. Click the link for more details.

That’s all

Go ahead and try Chimera jailbreak today, tell us what you think of it. If you have Unc0ver jailbreak on your device, you can overwrite it with this one.

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  1. I can’t seem to get it to work, the app says that it is compatible and even stated all the correct info about my phone, but when I press “jailbreak” it shows a 1/3 in the center of a spinning ring, then just crashes

  2. Everything worked except it just crashes at 1/3 jailbreak 🙃. If anyone can help you can message me on Instagram @lvnch_tray

  3. when i click jailbreak it does it then says must reboot to finish beacause rebooted no longer jailbroken keeps repeating the same thing saying need to reboot everytime i try

  4. Hey I’m having the same issue where it goes 1/3 of the way then crashes btw I used emus4u for the installation of chimera

  5. I can’t really understand how to download it for my ios 12.3.1 … the problem is that it needs to be premium member and it’s not possible in my country Iran

  6. Hi again
    Downloaded again the latest ipa file and chimera sideloaded onto atv4. However when opening states tvOS 12 – 12.1.1. No jailbreak option states incompatible. It appears it does not work on tvOS 12.1.2?
    What can I do please.

  7. I need some help if someone doesn’t Mind everything I run Chimera or Uncover on IOS 12.2 A11 iPhone 7 GSM After a second or two it has a Kernal Panic And Restarts.

  8. I used Chimera 1.2.4 IPA, and it says “Your iPhone Xs Max on ios 1.2.4 is not supported by Chimera.” It says that it is compatible with ALL devices 🙁 What’s wrong?

  9. Using Chimera 1.2.4 ipa Cydia always returns a sub-process error (255) that seems to have broke after version 1.0.4
    iPXS 12.0.1

  10. hi team cydia !
    believe the second part of this post needs updating. How to Install Cydia after Chimera Jailbreak – apparently, the procedure written in this post is correct for steps 1,2,3,4,5 only. then we need not adding source in cydia ( and ” cydia compatibility package ” won’t be automatically removed when adding ” cydia for chimera/electra ” in fact, if we make attempt to remove manually, it will also remove ” cydia for chimera” ; “cydia translations”; ” sileo .” Suggestions ???

    • hi Marc, thanks for the update. Can you quote a reliable source where we can verify the same? We will be happy to update this tutorial based on the steps you have suggested.

  11. this link [ ] will provide similar method for adding cydia upon jailbreaking with chimera, also providing suggestions for some errors fixing. [ got to ” write ” ( say ) adding sources to cydia won’t work and installing tweaks also brings up error messages. ]

    with regard to your own guide [ How to Install Cydia after Chimera Jailbreak ], step 9 can’t be performed and while those errors won’t allow proceeding. [ ” requested modification cannot be performed ” ; ” cydia compatibility package ” depends on ” sileo ” ]

    as mentioned above in our former comment
    ” cydia compatibility package ” can’t be removed without also removing ” cydia for chimera /electra ”

    final thoughts:
    we haven’t tried removing ” cydia compatibility package ” within sileo however unlikely working as the package manager apparently requires that compatibility package.

  12. Hi I downloaded chimera on iPad 12.2 but when I try to open the app it appears a message: untrusted Enterprise developer. Until the developer has been trusted their enterprise apps will not be available for use!

    What should I do?


  13. So I’m having issues right now with my current jailbreak. My phone randomly turned off which has done before and when I turned it back on of course uncover wouldn’t open up. So I deleted it and went to reinstall like I’ve done multiple times and now I can’t reinstall uncover or another substrate. I did factory rest and restore my phone but yet I can’t fully install any substrate at all. I do have Cydia still and I can’t find a way to get rid of so I can rejailbreak. The only thing I haven’t done yet is used impactor but the last time something happed I had to restore/update to get it work again but that can’t happen. I’m on IOS 12.1.1

  14. It says after the rebooting process when i re open chimera that the device cannot be jailbroken because of an exploit problem..What is that

  15. I am having trouble using this website. I am jailbroken, at the step where you get Cydia. I have Cydia Impactor and I download the IPA files that are needed on my computer for Cydia, and my virus protection says that they are infected.

  16. when I tried to open Chimera after downloading it from Emus4u it did not want to open. the icon was a gray and darker and when I clicked on it it did nothing.

  17. Hello Team Cydia, my iPad iOS version is 12.3.1. Should I update the iOS to 12.4 first? I tried to install Chimera from Emus4u. The app is on my home screen but the app icon is grey and it always says “waiting…”. So it appears that the installation has not completed yet. What can I do?

  18. iOS 12.4 after installing tweaks Cydia disappeared but tweaks are still is happened when I use UNcover’s setting option restore rootfs to remove cydia.Then cydia removed and countless tries to get rejailbreak but all tweaks working and applied but cydia not seen.

  19. Hey!! Cydia won’t open at all – the app keeps crashing. I added the source in Sileo, then downloaded the package. After that, I got Cydia but it won’t open at all.

  20. Hey cydia jake again, did chimeria or uncover updated for the ios12-12.4.3 jailbreak like your article said? Ive been trying to download them but they are not updated yet.


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