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Are you fed up with downloading an app, only to find out that the app is light on useful features?  WhatsApp is one of those apps. A great social media app, it is missing some fundamental features but I have found an app that offers much more, for FREE.

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Really? Completely FREE ?

Absolutely, 100% free. It’s called WhatsApp++ and it is a modified version of the official app. As well as all the stock apps, you get a whole load of extra features that really make the app worth using.

What’s the catch?

WhatsApp++ Features :

No real catch, just a couple of minutes of your time but before we get there, have a look at what you get.

  • Disable Last Seen and Online statuses
  • Disable read and delivery receipts on messages
  • Use your passcode or Touch ID as a way of accessing WhatsApp
  • You can send DRM-free music to any contact
  • There’s no limit on how much media you can send
  • Use a full image and not a cropped one for your profile
  • Customize the text and colors in-app
  • Record audio with a single tap
  • Loads more

That’s so cool !

So, what’s the deal ?

Download WhatsApp++ :

The deal is that you need to download TweakBox first. One of the best Cydia alternatives, TweakBox is an external app installer that provides access to thousands of free apps and games, many modified like WhatsApp++.

It couldn’t be simpler

Just download it – it will only take a minute – and then search for WhatsApp++. Download it straight to your iPhone or iPad and enjoy all the great new features.

It’s over to you

Give WhatsApp++ a go, see what you think and don’t forget to tell us your thoughts on al the new features. Is anything missing? If you want more tips like this, you can follow us on Facebook.

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  1. Tweakbox no longer downloads whatsapp++ i have used it for months but whatsapp has crashed 4x this weekend and reinstalled 3x it won’t even download it now,

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