Top VPN for Jailbreak and 3rd-Party App’s

Now, with identity and data theft at an all-time high, most people use VPN’s to protect themselves. Of course, this also means that their activity online is also hidden and that gives them the option of downloading whatever they want, even unofficial apps, geo-restricted content, and jailbreaks onto their devices. Neither their mobile providers nor Apple can track what they are doing, leaving them in peace to download what they want.


With the rise of third-party apps, like AppValley, Panda Helper, Emus4U, and others, not to mention the use of jailbreak package managers like Sileo and Cydia, more and more people are looking into the use of VPN’s, and there are a lot to choose from. Some are free, some are paid, and we will be looking at why you should avoid the free ones shortly. First, though, we did a little homework for you, tested several paid and free options, and we narrowed things down to two VPN’s that work very well for third-party content and jailbreaks.

2019 Jailbreak Users VPN Guide:

We tested a few, on both jailbreaks and on unofficial installers and we used several benchmarks to test them against the following specifications.

  • Number of servers
  • Bandwidth
  • Customer service
  • IP addresses
  • Server Location
  • Value for Money

We came up with two that we think to cover all the bases, regardless of what you are installing on your device. Both of them are paid VPN’s simply because they give a much better level of protection.

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Here are the two VPN’s we recommend:

nord vpnNordVPN – 5/5

  • 2,000 IP Addresses
  • More than 3,500 servers
  • 61 server locations
  • Covers more than 60 countries

NordVPN offers great value for money given the protection it provides for those using third-party app installers and jailbreaks. It operates in over 60 countries and has a huge number of servers and IP addresses. It provides a simultaneous connection for up to 6 networks and a choice of three payment plans:

pure vpnPureVPN – 4.5/5

  • 95,000 IPS addresses
  • 500 servers
  • 180 server locations

Another excellent choice is PureVPN. Based in Hong Kong, the service uses 500 servers on 180 different locations. They do log all your connection information, but they are upfront about it, and they will also tell you exactly what they do with the information they collect. It offers two payment plans and allows payment to be made in Bitcoin; a full refund policy is offered:

As well as being one of the fastest VPNs on offer, PureVPN also provides Kodi and Chromebook solutions and are one of the first to comply fully with the GDPR protection.

Why You Should Use a VPN:

cydia faq small

VPNs are useful for ensuring you have a secure connection,  not to mention a private one. Your ISP, mobile provider and, perhaps more importantly, Apple, cannot track your location which means they can’t tell where your unofficial apps are downloaded from or that you are using Cydia and Sileo jailbreak package managers. That means they can’t stop you using them.

Free vs. Paid VPN:

We promised to tell you why you should avoid free VPNs – here’s why. For a start, the free ones are slow, and they don’t offer the protection you think you are getting and they are supported by ads – they have to make their money somehow. Not only that, they will log your connection information, and some of them will even sell it on, which kind of defies the logic behind using a VPN. Paid services do not cost much, not when you consider the protection you get, the speed and the security, with your online data and identity kept safe from prying eyes.

VPN = Safety:

apple restrictions unlock

Whether you are installing third-party content, like AppValley or iOSEmus, or using Sileo or Cydia jailbreak package managers on your device, a VPN is the only way to ensure that you stay safe and that you can download and use what you want without fear of it being revoked. Make sure you use a good paid VPN, like those above, to ensure your safety, and avoid the free ones that offer so much but deliver so little.

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