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Are you looking for more from your social media apps? Snapchat is a great app, but the developers missed out a few very basic features that would have made the app so much better. Not to worry though; Snapchat++ has those missing features.

snapchat plus

And the best news?

Snapchat++ can be downloaded for free and without the need to install a jailbreak first.

How cool is that!

So, is there a catch?

How to Download Snapchat++:

Just a small one. You can’t get Snapchat++ from the official app store, but you can get it by downloading an app installer called FtOS first. And you don’t just get Snapchat++; with this installer, you get hundreds of different apps, games and much more besides.

Want to download it?

Here’s how

Download AppValley 

Download TweakBox

  1. Delete the stock Snapchat app from your device
  2. Download FtOS using the linked guide, or use TweakBox app . Both host Snapchat plus app.
  3. Open the installer and type Snapchat++ into the search bar
  4. Tap the result and tap Install
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen and then wait
  6. When Snapchat Plus is downloaded, the icon is on your home screen and ready to use

Wait, there’s more

Before you head to the app and start using it:

  1. Open your iOS Settings app
  2. Tap General and then Profiles
  3. Find and tap the Snapchat Plus profile
  4. Tap Trust
  5. Now you can use Snapchat++

See how easy it is?

Snapchat Plus Features:

With Snapchat++ you get all the stock features, but you also get a load more, including:

  • Increase recording strength
  • Spoof locations
  • Customize Launch view and Notification sounds
  • Fully supported on iOS 8 up to the latest firmware
  • Updated regularly
  • Loads of extra features

We’re not done yet

Things to Know:

While Snapchat++ is a great app and it is safe, you should make sure that you delete the official stock app from your device first. Why? Because otherwise the modified version will clash with it and cause a few problems. Plus if you don’t and you update the stock app, Snapchat++ will be deleted.

snapchat plus jailbreak error

And be aware; if the developers of the stock app discover that you have a modified version they may suspend your account, even ban you from having an official account, and we will not take any responsibility should that happen – download Snapchat++ at your own risk. You can download some anti-jailbreak detection app to stop this from happening.

Now we’re done

Tell us if you think the extras on Snapchat++ are worth it and follow us on Facebook for more tips.

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