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Sileo is a name that the jailbreak community will not be familiar with right now, but you soon will be. Electra Jailbreak team has announced that they are currently working on this project, described as an alternative or even replacement to Cydia. This has come about because Cydia is no longer being updated in the same way it used to be, nor as often.

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We were promised an update to Cydia for iOS, but it never materialized, leaving the Electra team to try to produce a working jailbreak of sorts, but it was never going to be a proper jailbreak because, although it did have Cydia in it, it was a patched version. This is really what prompted Electra to go ahead with building the jailbreak store.

What is Sileo?

 As we said, Sileo is meant to be a replacement to Cydia, and it will have full support for all 64-bit devices that run iOS 11 or newer. Like everything, this jailbreak store will have its good and bad sides:

Pros :

  • All Cydia repos will be compatible with Sileo with no extra configuration needed
  • Users may easily add tweaks with interfaces similar to Cydia sileo iphone x
  • Tweak developers can place their apps in the jailbreak store sileo iphone x
  • Tweaks that are not supported on iOS 11 or above will be removed
  • User-friendly interface
  • Safe Mode with lots of options
  • Faster to load than Cydia sileo iphone x
  • Cydia purchases will still be possible


  • The jailbreak store will only work on iOS 11 or higher
  • It only works on 64-bit devices
  • Removal of unsupported tweaks may cause problems for testers and developers

How to Download Sileo :

Download and Install Sileo on iOS 11 up to iOS 12.1.2. May support newer versions.

Electra Jailbreak :

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  1. Launch Cydia on your device and tap on Sources
  2. Scroll down the page and tap iOS Utilities for Electra – this is the default Electra Jailbreak repository
  3. Scroll down the new page and tap on the package for Sileo Beta
  4. Tap Install and wait; when the installation has finished, tap on Restart Springboard
  5. On your home screen, you will see the icon for the jailbreak store, tap to open it

Tell us what you think of this Coolstar alternative to Cydia.

Unc0ver Jailbreak :


At the time of writing, the Unc0ver jailbreak won’t work for too many people because the original app was designed with Electra compatibility in mind. However, the developers are currently working to build a patch for unc0ver jailbreak, and this should be available in the very near future.


If you are active on Twitter, you might spot that a Sileo Debian package is doing the rounds. This is legitimate but be warned – it may cause conflict with your current setup and could result in Cydia being bricked. If you have installed it and you can still get into Cydia, do so and delete the package immediately.

It is now possible for the jailbreak store to be installed on Unc0ver jailbreak

  1. From your device home screen, launch Cydia
  2. Tap on Sources > Edit > Add and type the following URL into the box exactly as written – this is the PixelOmer repository URL
  3. Now tap Search and type in “Sileo Installer” – this package will allow Cydia to be used alongside Sileo without causing any issues
  4. Tap on Install so the package can be installed from the repository
  5. Tap Confirm and wait; when the installation has finished, tap on Restart Springboard
  6. From your home screen, tap the Coolstar Jailbreak Package Manager to run it.

The Right way to Pronounce Sileo :

The name, Sileo, literally translates from Latin as ‘Restart’, Google translate confirms that for us, check it ( here ). You can also see that some of us have been pronouncing the name incorrectly as “Sil-ayo”.It should be pronounced as “Silly-o”.

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