QooApp is an alternative app store, packed with Asian versions of popular Android apps. Just like the official app store, you can download these apps straight to your Android smartphone or tablet. Open the store, and you will find games from some of the best-known franchises, such as Naruto Dragon Ball, Saint Sieva, One Piece, and many more.


How to Download QooApp:

Before you can go ahead and download Qoo App onto your phone or tablet, you must make sure you Enable Unknown Sources – simply open Settings > Security and enable the option.

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 While you can make use of the Qoo app for free, if you register for an account, you can take advantage of some cool and useful features, such as creating lists of favorite apps, or logging every app that you install, for example.

How to Use QooApp:

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It couldn’t be easier to use QooApp. Its user-friendly interface is split into tabs – in one is a list of apps by popularity, in another is a list of the games that you can expect to see in the near future while a third shows different events. You can easily download the games without creating an account first; simply choose the game you want and tap the download button. Wait while the game is installed, and then you can play it.

What is Qoo App?

A popular anime gaming platform, QooApp provides games for Android devices, along with daily news content. The aim of the app is to bring anime fans together from all over the world, offering unique features such as comics, chatrooms, stickers, virtual assistants, and an active user community. The app enjoys more than 2 million active users every month and is one of the most influential and popular ACG platforms across the whole of Asia.

App Features:

All the apps in QooApp are sorted into categories for you and some of what you will find includes:

  • Editor’s Choice
  • Best Games of 2019
  • New Games
  • Daily and Weekly Trends
  • Games for Pre-registration
  • Dog and Cat Games
  • Manga that you can read via the app

Is Qoo App Safe?

Every game and app on QooApp is checked for safety before being uploaded to the store. While there are other similar platforms, none of them guarantee that their app sources are legitimate or safe. Because QooApp checks their sources, you can be sure you are downloading genuine apps in full security.

QooApp is one of the best alternatives for those that want Asian video games for their Android devices. Be aware that there are very few in English, with most being in Korean, Japanese, or Chinese. If you have any concerns, you may contact the developers on Facebook.

User Ratings:

4.6 / 5. 27

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