Pokemon Go Plus

Are you part of the Pokémon Go craze? Are you obsessed with playing it? Then you should take a look at the latest gadget, the Pokémon Go Plus. This is a tiny device that relies on Bluetooth to connect to the app on your iPhone or iPad, and it offers plenty of benefits.

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What’s the story?

Pokémon Go Plus Pro’s :

pokemon pikachu

  • Level Up Faster – the PokeGo Plus vibrates to let you know when you are near a Pokémon, and a simple click allows you to try catching it. One Poke Ball is used, and the catch will either be successful, or the Pokémon will run away. Each catch gives you 150 XP, and each miss gives you 25 XP. Other extras include candy and the chance to purchase low-cost Pokémon.
  • More Items on Stops – You get notified of any PokeStops in range and can click and spin. Collect items, eggs, revives, berries, potions, evolution items and more

We’re not done yet

Download links :

iOS App Link Android Link

  • Double Dips – The PokeGo Plus works independently from the app so both can be played at the same time. This means you get PokeStop spins in-app and with the Plus, doubling your chances.
  • No Screen –Because they are independent, you can use the PokeGo Plus without needing to look at your device screen all the time. pokego plus


  • Relieve the Stress – The Poke Go Plus is all about clicking, and this makes it an excellent way to relieve stress. Your mind is on the game and not on what is causing the stress.

Wait, there’s more

Pokémon Go Plus Con’s :

Things aren’t all good; there are a couple of downsides:

  • Loads of Poke Balls are used. There are more spins which means purchasing more balls or, when you have none left, needing to enter Poke-Stop mode
  • No second chances. If the Pokémon escapes, it’s lost.
  • Only standard PokeBalls are used, you can’t use your specials
  • All Pokémon are hunted equally, there is no distinction between them
  • The PokeGo Plus won’t always lock onto a Pokémon and you will either have to miss out or manually spin
  • Connection sometimes breaks down after about 30 minutes or just stops working

Do you get one?

Watch the review video:

Much depends on your gameplay. Competitive players will benefit more from the Poke GO Plus than those who only play occasionally. Let us know if you get one and follow us on Facebook for more tips.

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