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In recent times Android emulators have seen a sudden surge in popularity, giving gamers the opportunity to play many more games in their PCs and one of the most popular is called Nox Player.

nox player app

The best part? It’s free

Here are all the details.

Download Nox Player:

Used by more than 150 million users, Nox Player is very simple to download. Follow the links below.

Windows  PC 

Mac OSX App

How to Install Nox App Player on PC and Mac:

  1. Download Nox App Player onto your PC or Mac from the links above
  2. Find the file on your computer and click to begin the installation
  3. Click to agree on the terms and conditions and then click on Install
  4. If you have opted for an online file installation, it can take up to 15 minutes to complete; the offline installation takes just a couple of minutes
  5. When the installation has finished, click Start to open Nox App Player and wait – it will take a few minutes to load fully
  6. When the Nox App Player home screen shows up, you should see several apps, including Google Play Store, Play Games, File Manager, and more 
  7. nox player emulator app download
  8. Click Google Play Store and set your account up – click existing Account and log in using your Google details or click New and follow the steps on the screen
  9. When you have to input your details, do NOT press Enter; instead, go to the bottom of the screen and click on the Right Arrow button
  10. Follow the in-app instructions to finish setting up your account and, in the end, you will see the Play Store
  11. On the right side-bar in Nox App Player, you will find many more options, including transferring files from your Mac or PC to Nox and installing APK files.

Key Features of Nox App:

nox player app

Nox Player offers a number of cool features for users, including:

  • Fast, Smooth Gameplay – speed is always important, and Nox Player is the fastest we have seen so far, not to mention one of the smoothest. The performance settings are customizable with users able to specify the number of CPU’s and the amount of memory. For a basic user, 1.5 GB RAM and 2 CPUs should be enough, but you can go much further.
  • Controller Compatibility – if games are your thing, you know that a controller is far superior to a device touchscreen. There are Android devices that support 3rd party controllers, but these are few and far between. With Nox Emulator, support is built-in for all 3rd party controllers, and that includes the Xbox 360 support.
  • Android Device Emulation – real emulation, including your IMEI number, phone model, and phone number, among other device-specific features.
  • Root Access – Not all emulators make it easy to get to the root, but Nox App is rooted with Superuser right from the start, giving you access to your PC files.

Cool, right?

Stay with me

Why Download Nox Emulator?

There is no arguing that Android is the most powerful of the mobile operating systems; there are way more Android devices than there are any other. However, not everyone can afford the latest flagship model to play any game at high speed, and that is where emulators like Nox Player step in. Because you are using your PC or Mac to use your Android apps, you get so much more power at your fingertips. Nox is the number one emulator app with a ton of cool features for free. If you have a powerful PC, you have a powerful emulator.

Don’t waste time

Get Nox Player onto your computer today and revel in the power and the sheer number of apps and games at your fingertips.

Bluestacks vs. Nox Emulator – What’s the Difference?

nox player vs bluestacks emulator

Both Bluestacks and Nox App Player is an excellent Android emulator, but there are some noticeable differences:

  • Although Bluestacks is the biggest Android gaming platform for the PC, a recent update has left it lagging in performance. Nox App Player, on the other hand, is just as good as Bluestacks for playing Android games, and it doesn’t have those performance lags. And it gives you the ability to play several games at once with no performance issues.
  • It is far easier to root Nox App Player than it is Bluestacks
  • While Bluestacks is a high-scorer on a number of benchmarks, Nox App Player is a much lighter emulator. Bluestacks has very heavy system requirements, and if you are suffering from compatibility issues, Nox App Player is the best alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The following FAQs should help you to fix any issues you may have with Nox App Player:

How Do I Connect a Controller With Nox App Player?

  • Connect the controller to your PC using the USB cable
  • When the connection has been made, a Controller icon will appear in the top left of the Nox screen
  • Tap the Controller icon and Settings will open
  • Change the Settings how you want – character control via the analog-stick, effects for multiple strikes and much more
  • Save the settings, and the controller is ready for use.

How Do I Fix Error 1020/1008 – Virtual Machine Failed to Start?

  1. First, reboot your PC and then close down the firewall and anti-virus software
  2. Right-click on the Nox icon and select Open File Location
  3. A Bin folder opens – navigate back to the Nox Emulator folder which comes just before the Bin folder
  4. In the emulator folder, click on noxvm file
  5. When it opens, you will see an object called NOXVM – right-click and choose Run as Administrator
  6. The error will be gone

How Do I Solve the FGO Crashing Problem After Updating Nox?

  1. First, ensure that you have the most up to date version of Nox – if you are unsure, open the official website and download it
  2. Open the Player on your computer and go to Settings
  3. Click on Date and Time and pick any date from the year
  4. Save the Settings and then open FGO – if you get a message saying the app didn’t launch properly and asking if you want the cache cleared, click on No
  5. A new window opens telling you the application did not connect to the server – tap Retry and go back to the Date and Time settings – change the date to show the correct one
  6. Click on Retry in FGO again, and you should have access to the game

How Do I Fix Error 1005: Your Graphics Card is Outdated?

  1. Open Multiplayer and try setting the rendering mode as DX or OpenGL. Restart Nox
  2. If the issue has not been resolved, you will need to update the drivers for your graphics card
  3. If that doesn’t fix the issue, your graphics card is not compatible with the emulator’s system requirements – the only fix there is to install a new card.

How Do I Fix Error 1006: Nox Needs to Reboot

  1. This error indicates that you are running an outdated version of Nox App Player – go to the official Nox website and download the latest version
  2. If you are on the latest version, change the graphics rendering mode (see above) to either DX or OpenGL and try again – it should work

If you come up against other issues not mentioned here, feel free to tell us about them in the comments box below, and we’ll do our best to provide a solution.

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