MineCraft PE

The app store is full of graphics heavy, complex games but simple games are making a comeback and one of the most popular games by far is Minecraft. It may be simple blocky graphics but it provides hours of fun and entertainment as you build your home and try to survive the many attacks from monsters as you search for resources in your surroundings. Once for desktop PCs only, now you can get it on mobile as Minecraft PE but it isn’t free. Do you want to know how you can download it for FREE ?

minecraft pe

Then stay with me

Just a minute of your time is all it will take to get Minecraft PE with all these fantastic features on your iPhone or iPad

Minecraft PE Features :

  • Simple, blocky graphics
  • Build a home and shore it up against attacks
  • Explore forests, caves, water, mines
  • Gather precious gems and other useful resources
  • Make weapons and food
  • Grow your own crops and raise animals
  • Battle monsters to survive
  • Play alone or play against others
  • Loads of other features

What’s the deal?

Download Minecraft PE :

The deal is TweakBox. An unofficial external app store, TweakBox provides an alternative to Cydia, at one time the only way you could download paid games for free. TweakBox is packed with free apps, games and other content and is dead easy to use.

That’s all. It’s just another app store so search for Minecraft PE inside TweakBox and download it.

It’s really simple.

One problem you might come up against is an Untrusted Developer error; don’t worry, the fix will take seconds:

  1. Go to Settings > General > Profiles on your device
  2. Find the Minecraft profile and tap it
  3. Tap Trust, close Settings and Minecraft PE will work just fine

What do you think ?

Try it; download Minecraft PE completely free today and follow us on Facebook for more tips and tricks.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.

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