Kodi is a name we all know. A name that we associate with a quick and easy way to store all our media and play it easily. Initially an Xbox app, Kodi now works on most platforms so, no matter what device you are using, it will work for you. Kodi is about more than just storing media though; with a series of third-party sources, you can also download or stream TV shows and movies, and it’s all FREE.

kodi app

There is a problem though

With the crackdown on streaming apps like Kodi, it’s getting harder to find a version that will work. We’ve found a way to get the full version of the app, including a way to download and use those external sources and it’s all free and easy to get.

Is there a catch?

Download Kodi:

Yes, but it won’t cost you anything except a couple of minutes of your time. All you need to do is download an external app installer called TweakBox. This is free to download, and it’s straightforward to use tweakbox

Once you have downloaded it, open TweakBox, search for Kodi and download it

It’s that simple

That’s not all

When you download TweakBox, you get another app store. You can choose from thousands of apps and games, many modified with extra features, some with all the in-app purchases unlocked and there are even a few Cydia tweaks to download too.

It gets better

Everything in TweakBox, including Kodi, is entirely free to download it and it is a very safe app installer to use too. You also don’t need to jailbreak so go and download it; it will only take a minute to do, and tell us how you get on with Kodi. For more useful tips like this one, you can follow us on Facebook.

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