How to Jailbreak without PC

Cydia is the most downloaded app store in the world, full of useful and cool tweaks and modifications, and there are several ways to download it; read on for more details.

no computer jailbreak

How to Jailbreak without PC:

There are multiple methods to choose from:

Chimera Jailbreak:

chimera app

This is a fairly new jailbreak dedicated to iOS 12 firmware at the moment. You can download it by clicking the link below.

Unc0ver Jailbreak


Unc0ver Jailbreak is a new jailbreak that is still being worked on; you can download it on iOS 12 up to iOS 12.1.2 by clicking the link below.

Electra Jailbreak electra jailbreak

Electra Jailbreak comes via CoolStar and is a semi-untethered jailbreak; for full details and a download guide, click the link below. Works on iOS 11 up to iOS 11.4.1.

About Cydia:

cydia iphone

Cydia was first released in 2008 by Jay Freeman, AKA Saurik ( twitter ) to replace Now the longest-running third-party app store, Cydia is home to thousands of tweaks, modifications, and other cool stuff and is named after the Codling Moth, scientific name, Cydia pomonella, literally meaning, the worm in the Apple.

Right now, it is the most prominent third-party store in the world. Existing apps are updated every time the iOS is updated and, while most of the content is iOS-specific, Saurik has also come up with a Cydia Substrate that will also work on Android devices. That opens the way for more tweaks and apps for a new platform and gives Android users a chance to experience it for themselves.

Cydia Alternatives:

If Cydia isn’t for you, there are a couple of free alternatives:

  • TweakBox


TweakBox offers a massive choice of free app and games, including unofficial content that you can’t get anywhere else.

  • Panda Helper

panda helper original 120px

Panda Helper is equally as comprehensive with a ton of useful content, and it works on Android devices too.

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  1. Hi to all you legend developers,
    Do you have a jailbreak for 12.1.4 due to be released?
    I had to update to 12.1.4 because my iPhone X went into bootloop,I’m so lost without my jailbreak😓


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