Hide – Bypass iPhone Jailbreak Detection

Do you get annoyed that some of your apps won’t open when you jailbreak? Some app developers have decided that, for security, they won’t allow their apps to run on any jailbroken device. Those apps include PayPal, Snapchat and banking apps. What you need is a way to bypass or hide the jailbreak detection so that you can use the apps you want.

bypass jailbreak detection

Great news

There are three ways that you can do this! Three tweaks, all offering a way around that detection and all of them are free

Completely free. Read on for the details.

Here is a sample error message on jailbroken devices.

bypass jailbreak detection

How to Bypass Jailbreak Detection:

Three tweaks, each requiring you to add a new source to Cydia.

Method 1: JailProtect

JailProtect gives you the option to bypass the detection on some apps, blocks Substrate on the Uncover Jailbreak, and lets you spoof your iOS version.

  1. Open Cydia
  2. Tap on Sources > Edit cydia repo
  3. Tap Add and type in the URL – http://julioverne.github.io
  4. Tap on Add and leave it
  5. When it’s been added, tap on Search and type in JailProtect
  6. Tap on Install
  7. When it’s done, you can open Settings > JailProtect to configure it

We’re not done yet

Method 2: UnSub

Unsub allows you to disable tweak injection in both Substrate and Substitute in some system and user apps. You do need to respring your device anytime you want to use the tweak:

  1. Open Cydia and go to Sources
  2. Tap Edit > Add and type in https://repo.nepeta.me
  3. When it’s done, go to the Search tab and type Mitsuha Infinity
  4. Tap Install and wait.

The tweak can be configured by going to Settings  > UnSub

And last

Method 3: Liberty Lite

Developed by Ryley Angus, this is a Lite version of the Liberty tweak and is missing the ability to enable or disable Substrate or Substitute.

  1. Open Cydia
  2. Tap Sources > Edit > Add
  3. Type http://ryleyangus.com/repo/
  4. When it’s been added open the source and tap on All Packages.
  5. Find and install Liberty Lite, making sure to delete any earlier versions from your device first
  6. Open Settings > Liberty Lite to apply the patches and configure the tweak – tap Block Jailbreak Detection and set the toggle for the apps and games

It’s so simple

But be aware

These tweaks only work on selected apps and games. Support is gradually being added for others, but the most common ones are covered. Choose the tweak the bypasses detection for the apps you need.

Over to you

If you get annoyed with not being able to use certain apps, then one of these tweaks will undoubtedly help you get around the restrictions. They are all free and if you have a jailbreak already, very simple to download.

Go ahead, try it and tell us how you get on. For more great Cydia Tips and Tricks, follow us on Facebook.

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12 thoughts on “Hide – Bypass iPhone Jailbreak Detection”

  1. i can’t get into settings of apps also on main cydia screen where i have skins or manage account i can’t click anywhere, it doesn’t open , but i can install and use aps

  2. Hi team,

    Regarding Hide – Bypass iPhone Jailbreak Detection..

    I still facing issue with this global app : intelligent hub

    Which is used to add the email for workplace.

  3. Excuse me, I haven’t installed Cydia *yet* (but I will, definitely). Does anyone know if WhatsApp opens if jailbroken? I don’t need it urgently, just to text my friends. Thanks in advance 🙂

  4. I have the same issue with intellent hub and also the new BLUE CROAS BLUE SHIELD APP for my insurance there new app is Sydney help. Won’t work with any of the above methods.

  5. Turn off your phone and then turn it back on. This should unjailbreak the device until you rerun it with uncover or whatever you’re using. If you have a full tethered jailbreak meaning it’s always jail broken after a restart then this won’t work.

  6. Has anyone found a bypass for the USAA bank app or the direct tv app. The USAA bypass in Cydia no longer works and none of these worked for the direct tv app.


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