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iOS 12 is here and, as we have come to expect, it has plenty of new features and improvements. The security aspect of iOS 12 has been heightened as Apple continues with their quest to stop iOS users from being able to download Cydia and modify their devices. However, it hasn’t and some users have been able to install Cydia on iOS 11, leading us to believe that, at some time in the near future, it will be available for iOS 12. Keep watching this page for updated information on that.

cydia ios 12

About iOS 12 Firmware :

iOS 12 offers some great new features and improvements, including: ios 12 icon

  • Performance – Performance is a key aspect in iOS 12, with Apple bringing in better battery life and improvements to all device, including the older ones.
  • App Time – We can now track the time spent on our devices, on specific apps and time limits may be set for certain apps.
  • AR Integration – USDZ file format for AR has been introduced so developers can better integrate AR into apps and games.
  • Shortcuts – You can build a custom command for Siri to execute several actions at once
  • Siri – Siri can now be integrated into more apps, providing better user experience across the board.

Rather than seeing the new features of iOS 12 as a block to Cydia, the developers are more likely to be embracing them as new ideas for better apps and modifications for when a new update to Cydia is finally released.

Cydia iOS 12 Download Links :

  • iOS 12
  • iOS 12.x.x

iOS 12 Jailbreak Update ( 19th Sep 2018 )

Within 2 days of iOS 12 being released, we already have our first look at a potential new jailbreak. The proof of concept comes from Ali Security, by way of a video showing an iPhone x on iOS 12 running the new Ali Security jailbreak tool. The iPhone shown is rebooted, showing a message on the screen stating, “your phone is pwned”, along with development team credits. At the moment, the jailbreak demo does not show the Cydia store being launched and it isn’t clear if Cydia even works on iOS 12 right now; it is most likely awaiting an update of its own.  However, this proof-of-concept video does show that the jailbreak is an untethered one and, although we don’t expect to see a public jailbreak released in the immediate future, it does give us hope that we may not have to wait too long.

iOS 12 Jailbreak Availability :

Right now, we don’t have any updates to Cydia for iOS 12 but we expect there to be some news in the near future. For now, like this page on Facebook and click on Following > See First to ensure that you see all the updates as they are released.

Cydia Alternatives :

cydia alternative

If you are unable to download Cydia and want to see what alternatives are on offer, have a look at the most popular iOS app installers released to bring your favorite tweaked apps and games. Download emulators, games, apps, and some of the best modified apps like Snapchat++, MovieBox, YouTube++, Spotify++, Facebook++, Instagram++ and many more, all free.

How to Delete Cydia :

Should you be lucky enough to have Cydia on your device and you find that you need to delete it, you will find it is very easy to do. You can either restore your device completely, which will update your iPhone or iPad to the latest iOS version (possibly without an available jailbreak) or you can download Cydia Eraser – this will remove Cydia without updating your iOS version so you can install it again if you want to:

Frequently Asked Questions :

Cydia isn’t a new app but there will always be those who want to know more about it. Click the link to find the answers to some of the commonly asked questions about Cydia:

Once again, we will keep this page updated with all the latest Cydia iOS 12 news so like the page on Facebook and click on Following > See first.

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