Home Depot Jailbreak

Fantastic news! Home Depot jailbreak has been released by jk9357, a well-known jailbreak developer.

Home-Depot jailbreak app


You should be. Let’s delve into the details

What is Home Depot?

Home Depot is the latest jailbreak tool that works on all 32-bit devices. Included with the tool are Cydia, tfpo, Substrate framework, and “mixtape player”. There is no need to enter offsets manually either because this tool does it all for you. It does require Cydia Impactor and your Apple ID.

Let’s get busy

Before You Start:

You will need:

  • Your iOS device
  • Internet
  • A computer on Windows, Linux, or Mac OS
  • Your Apple ID

Make sure you back your date up first using iTunes – if anything goes wrong, you will lose everything.

Download the following onto your computer:

How to Install Home Depot Jailbreak:

  1. Open Cydia Impactor on your computer cydia impactor screen
  2. Plug your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch into your computer and wait; Cydia Impactor should recognize it.
  3. Drag the MixtapePlayerRC4.IPA file into Cydia Impactor
  4. Type your Apple ID/Password and wait. Cydia Impactor will sign the file
  5. Open Settings>General>Profiles and find your Apple ID in the list
  6. Tap it and tap Trust
  7. Close Settings and tap the Enable Jailbreak button on your home screen home_depot
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions and let the jailbreak process finish
  9. Tap Accept on the Terms and Conditions
  10. A popup message will ask you to install Mixtape Player – dismiss this
  11. Tap Proceed With Jailbreak
  12. Tap Begin Installation home_depot_jailbreak
  13. Tap Use Provided Offsets or, if you know what you are doing, specify your own
  14. Wait; Home Depot will now install Cydia on your iOS device
  15. When the process has finished, your device resprings; the Cydia icon will be on your home screen and your device is now jailbroken.

Wait, there’s more

  1. Launch Cydia – there will be several updates but do NOT install them just yet
  2. To avoid a boot loop happening when Patch is updated, select Patcyh>Change Package Settings>Ignore Upgrades
  3. Now you can do the remaining updates

That’s it, Cydia is ready for you to use

There is a problem

Because this is a semi-untethered jailbreak, whenever your device is rebooted, you must reactivate the jailbreak.

It’s easy enough

Here’s how:

  1. Open the Home Depot jailbreak by tapping the icon on the home screen
  2. Tap on Enable Jailbreak
  3. Tap on Use Provided offsets

That’s not all though

Because you use your Apple ID, the certificate will expire – with a free ID, it’s every 7 days, 12 months with a paid developer ID.

That means having to re-sign the certificate each time. To do this, use the instructions above to sideload MixtapePlayer with Cydia Impactor

We’re not done yet

Home Depot is a beta jailbreak and that means there may be a few bugs in the system:

  • After rebooting, if Cydia Substrate fails to work, go into Cydia and reinstall it; respring your device
  • If Home Depot does not accept custom offsets and respring without going into a jailbroken state, keep trying; it will work eventually

Over to you

Home Depot jailbreak is a godsend to many iOS users so give it a go and tell us how you get on with it.

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