GTA – Grand Theft Auto

The GTA games have to be among the most popular in the world, offering fantastic graphics, great plots, and amazing characters. GTA : Grand Theft Auto is no exception. It’s an action-packed offering with great graphics and a storyline that follow CJ as he returns to his old gang to avenge his mother’s murder. It isn’t a free app though; to download it from the iOS app store will cost you around $9 plus in-app purchases. Want to know how to get it all for free?

gta-grand theft auto

That’s right, FREE

And that includes all the in-app purchases, unlocked and ready for you to use right away. Just think; every upgrade free to use. What an advantage that would give you!

There’s more

To get GTA Grand Theft Auto, you don’t even need to install a jailbreak. Just one method, simple, free, and takes less than a minute.

Download GTA :

GTA Vice City GTA San Andreas

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