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Do you love t play the GTA games? Played them all? Then you are going to want this one – GTA Vice City. An action-packed game, it offers all the features you have come to love and more.

gta vice city


It isn’t free. It costs $4.99 to purchase plus there are in-app purchases for items you can’t get any other way. Later, we’ll tell you how you can disable those if you want to.

For now

Let’s delve in

What is GTA: Vice City?

GTA: Vice City is a 10-year anniversary game from Rockstar Games, and it takes you straight back to the 1980s, to a fictional world that is yours to mold. It’s a world of glamor and of ghettos, of pastel suits and big hair, a glitzy world of beach, swamp and more. You are going to run Vice City exactly how you want to.

Sound good?

Game Features:

  • Designed for mobile for gorgeous high-resolution graphics
  • New lighting effects and updated character models
  • Game controls and layout can be customized
  • Targeting and firing options now precisely tailored
  • Save your game using free iCloud storage – never lose your place again
  • Ability to create and play custom playlists
  • Support for the Retina displays
  • Support for the iPhone 4, 4S and 5, all iPad models and the iPod Touch 4thand 5thgen
  • Support for eight languages – French, English, Spanish, Germans, Japanese, Italian, Korean and Russian

How about that!

You won’t get a better game than this

How to Download GTA Vice City:

GTA: Vice City may only be downloaded via the iOS app store, so that’s where you need to go to purchase it. Or you could just click the link below, and it will go straight to the app; just tap Download and way you go:

Download GTA Vice City

Easy as that

With GTA: Vice City, you are getting one of the most action-packed games ever released, a cool game packed with hours of action and fun. But what about those in-app purchases? You may be able to resist temptation, but if you do share your device with others, it might be wise to disable them.


By going into iOS Settings>Screen Time and tapping Content & Privacy, that’s how.

It’s simple

Don’t forget, let us know if you play GTA: Vice City and what you think of it. If you want more recommendations for iOS apps, you can follow us on Facebook.

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