We’ve waited so long for this, and at long last, we can finally bring you details on the Greenp0ison jailbreak for Windows users. Version RC5 has now been made available to download, giving users of iOS 4.2.1 the ability to perform an untethered jailbreak on their devices and it’s all thanks to the Chronic Dev Team. The Mac version was released first and, like that, the Windows version will provide support for any iOS device on iOS 4.2.1.


If you have already used the Mac version, the Windows version is identical in terms of how to install it, and full details are given below. If you do run into trouble using to install Cydia, a way around it is to use Redsn0w to jailbreak your device and then you can install Cydia. If you have any other trouble using Greenp0ison v RC5, follow the link for details on how to fix.

Download Greenp0ison Jailbreak:

Download Link

  1. Download Greenpois0n RC5 for Mac or Windows from the download link above
  2. Extract the files from the zip to your desktop and then click on the application file to open it
  3. Plug your iOS device into your computer and ensure the device is powered down completely
  4. On the Greenp0ison screen on your computer, click on Jailbreak greenpois0n mac app
  5. You will now see some instructions on the screen on placing your iOS device into DFU mode
  6. Hold down the Sleep button on your device for 3 seconds then press the Home button down too and hold them both down for 10 seconds
  7. Let go of the Sleep button and continue holding the Home button for 15 more seconds. It might take a few attempts to get this right, but you should see your device go into DFU mode
  8. Now the jailbreak will start so leave your device and computer alone while it completes. Some codes will appear on your device screen while this happens
  9. When it has finished, close Greenpois0n on your computer and look on your device homepage for the loader icon; tap this to complete the process, installing Cydia

If you have any problems with this jailbreak process, please let us know in the comments box below or contact the developers on Twitter; we’ll do our very best to solve them for you. If you can’t install Greenp0ison for any reason, do try the Redsn0w jailbreak and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for more jailbreak news and tips.

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  1. I can’t see the loader app on my iPod touch 2g. I follow all the steps and I saw the greenposion sku as well but I just can’t see the loader app. Is there any way to fix it? My iPod touch 2g is a mc vision can I fix it?


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