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Jailbreaking has always been a popular pastime and always will be, for as long as it survives. Why? Because it’s the only way to truly customize your iPhone or iPad and make it look and work exactly how you want it to, not the way that Apple does. Not everything is free but nothing is more than a few dollars, and that is just to help the developer out. What if you want paid content completely free though?cydia icon 120px small That’s simple;

There are several sources that you can add to Cydia to help you get those paid apps free and we’re going to tell you which ones. First, though, we need to show you how to add a repository or source to Cydia:

  1. Launch Cydia
  2. Tap on Manage > Sources > Edit
  3. Tap Add and type in the URL exactly as you see in the list belowrepo_sourcerepo_source

Top Cydia Sources for Free Jailbreak Apps:


A great source for paid apps and games, loads to choose from including some tweaks and themes to help you customize your device. Try AppSwitcher for starters.


Home to a great choice of themes, including the popular Dreamboard themes, along with games, apps and tweaks, all free. Try AndroidLock and iSHSHit.


A top source that includes loads of free apps, games, themes, and tweaks. Try BiteSMS and MyWi.


A great source of free content, including some of the top themes, tweaks, and apps. Try AndroidLock, MyWi and BiteSMS


The last of our top 5 contains a huge selection of apps, themes, and other content, all completely free. Try Auxo AppSwitcher

While all of these sources, and many others, contain paid content for free, we must tell you that we do not condone piracy and request that you use these sources only to try an app or a game. If you find you like what it has to offer, please consider going straight to the developer and purchasing the app from them, to support the work they do You should also be aware that you are putting your data and device at risk of virus or malware so do ensure you are using anti-virus software on your device.

We also cannot guarantee that these repositories have been updated to support the latest firmware or will continue to be updated in the future.

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