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FlekStore is an iOS application installer, a kind of appstore that makes it easy to install third-party apps and modified content without having to jailbreak your iPhone.

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How to Download FlekStore :

Configuration Profile

  1. Launch Safari and Tatap on the button above
  2. A page will open with information about FlekSt0re and a link to directly Install on your iOS devicetap on this link.   flekstore_profile_install0
  3. Your settings app will open onto the Install Profile page, tap on Install and, if required input your passcode passcode
  4. On the confirmation box click on Install again and wait for the process to complete
  5. The app will now be on your Home screen and ready for use.

How to Delete FlekSt0re:

delete flekstore

FlekSt0re isn’t only easy to install; it is easy to un-install should you find that you don’t like it or don’t have any real use for it. You can delete and re-install it as and when you want to without having to worry. This is an excellent advantage over jailbreaking. If you do want to delete FlekStore, here’s how to do it :

Method 1 :

  1. On your iOS device, open Settings
  2. Tap General > Profile
  3. Tap the app Profile
  4. Tap Delete Profile ios_profile and device management
  5. FlekStore will be deleted from your iOS device

Method 2 :

  1. Long tap and hold on the icon for FlekStore 
  2. Wait until it goes into wiggle mode and tap the cross in the top corner of the icon
  3. Confirm that you want to delete FlekStore by tapping on Delete

Fix Profile Installation Failed Error :

The reason this error message appears is likely down to an overload on the servers, down to an excess of traffic or simply certificate revoke by Apple. The very best thing to do is simply leave it, wait for a while and then try again. The server traffic should have died down, and you should be able to get on with installing FlekStore on your device. If you can’t, you will need to clear out your cache and your browser history:

  1. Place your iPhone or iPad into Airplane Mode
  2. Now open your Settings app
  3. Navigate to Safari > Clear History & Website Data safari_clear_history_and_website_data
  4. Tap Clear History and Data
  5. Exit Settings and turn Airplane Mode off
  6. Leave it for a few minutes and then try the installation steps again

FlekStore is an iOS app installer that gives you free and fast access to all the modified apps and games you could want, along with themes and other ways to modify your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in ways that you could only get with Cydia. And you get all of this without having to install a jailbreak on your iOS device.

Alternative apps:

electra jailbreak alternatives

There are a few of these app installers, appearing on the web now, especially with jailbreaks getting further apart but none are as comprehensive as FlekStore. Some of the best features of FlekStore are linked below.

FlekStore Alternatives

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.

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  1. I downloaded flekstore and my apple store,camera and calculator (and their icon)were removed from my phone and I’ve done everything to restore it but it didn’t work.I’ve restored my phone a million times but it didn’t come back so I uninstalled flekstore and restored my phone again but the apple store didn’t come back.
    Is there a way I can restore my lost applications
    OBS: (I use an iPhone 4 so the settings are kinda outdated)
    I just want my apple store and camera back

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