If you still have Cydia on your device, then you have likely come across an app called Filza. It’s proved popular because it lets you access your file system and customize it, something that Apple will never allow you to do on your iPhone or iPad. Not everyone has or can get Cydia anymore so you’ll be happy to know you can now download Filza without a jailbreak.


Want to know more?

App Features:

Filza offers tons of useful features:

  • See any file type on your iPhone or iPad
  • See and customize your multimedia and software files
  • Add your files to your iPod Library
  • Move files to and from your iPhone or iPad using several methods
  • Many more features

Now I’m going to tell you how to get all those great features and more, completely free.

What’s the catch?

How to Download Filza:

Direct Download Link

The catch is free too. All you need to do is download TweakBox app installer onto your iPhone or iPad, and then you can download the app directly to your device. It’s easy to use – just search TweakBox for Filza and download it.


It couldn’t be easier

Filza has to be one of the most powerful apps ever to come out of Cydia. There are few apps that let you get anywhere near your iOS file system, let alone do everything that Filza does.

The best news

Is that you no longer need Cydia to get this file manager on your device anymore so don’t hang about; download TweakBox and download the app for free today. TweakBox s home to thousands more apps and games, many of them with additional features, even a few more Cydia tweaks, and everything is entirely free to download.

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