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Cydia Eraser was once known as Cydia Impactor, but it was updated and given a new name by its creator, Saurik. It is perhaps one of the most powerful tools that an iOS user who uses Cydia regularly could have because it is used to remove Cydia without updating you to a later version of the iOS.

cydia eraser

Cydia Eraser is very simple to install and use; just follow the steps below. Please make sure you install it as soon as you have installed Cydia, it is the only way to ensure your iOS version is retained and you can reinstall Cydia at any time.

How to Install Cydia Eraser :

Because Cydia is constantly being patched by Apple, the normal methods of restoring your device will mean that you can no longer install it once Cydia has been removed.  It is strongly recommended that when you install Cydia, you should immediately install Cydia Eraser to protect your iOS firmware. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Plug your iPhone or iPad into your PC or Mac and open iTunes
  2. Back your data up, this is an important step so don’t skip it
  3. Keep your device connected and make sure that you have an absolute minimum of 20% battery ( more is better ) battery charge
  4. Launch Cydia on your device and search for Cydia Erasercydia eraser
  5. Install it the same way you do any Cydia app cydia eraser
  6. When your device resprings, you will see the app icon on your home pagecydia eraser

How to Use Cydia Eraser:

If you need to remove Cydia from your device, here’s how to do it with Cydia Eraser:

  1. Open Cydia Eraser by tapping the icon on your home page
  2. Tap the option to Delete All Data and Unjailbreak Device cydia_eraser_delete
  3. On the new window, tap Delete All to confirm your choice
  4. Leave things alone, when the process has finished, your device will reboot back to the original iOS version without Cydia; you can now set your device up hello_screen_ iphone

App Features :

Anyone who has used Cydia long term will already be aware of the main features but, for the benefit of those who haven’t used it:

  • Cydia Eraser removes Cydia from your iOS device without affecting your iOS version. Normally, if you were to use iTunes to do this, your device would be updated to the latest iOS firmware, so this feature is very important
  • This means Cydia is removed, but you may install it again on the same iOS version
  • Removes all signs of Cydia so, to all extents and purposes, it was never there; if you need to take your device into an Apple repair shop or you are selling it, nobody will ever know that Cydia was ever installed. This keeps your warranty safe too.
  • You don’t need your PC or Mac as Cydia Eraser works directly on your iPhone or iPad.

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14 thoughts on “Cydia Eraser – Delete Cydia from iPhone”

    • hey , if you cannot use Cydia eraser , then you will have to use iTunes to restore your device. or if you have a software update pending , do that, and Cydia will automatically be removed. hope that helps.

  1. How can I delete the Cydia from my iPhone? There is no chance to install the Cydia Eraser and it’s no chance to delete 😡😡

  2. Hey if i update my iphone version from 11.4 to 12.1.4 so can we jailbreak on this software. I am unable to find any free Jailbreak software on ios 12.1.4 version. Please help me asap so that i can continue my work.

  3. hi my name is Kody and i recently installed cydia and i tried it out and it doesnt work at all and now i am trying to delete it but i cant cuz cydia dont work so i would really appreciate it if u got back to me asap because its pissing me the f*ck off


    • apologies for the confusion. Yes, then the only option is restoring via iTunes on your computer or update to newer iOS version.

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