Tired up with not being able to install Cydia? Can’t get your favorite apps or games on your iPhone or iPad? Give CokernutX a shot. One of the newest jailbreak alternatives to reach the market, it currently enjoys more than a million global users.


And, great news!

It’s completely free!

Download CokernutX:

Follow the steps below to download the app on your iOS device.

Download Profile

  1. First tap on the download link above to install the configuration profile
  2. Select Install to proceedCokernut app
  3. Now go to your home screen, where you will see the app icon. Don’t tap to launch it yet or it will show an error message like this “Untrusted Enterprise DeveloperCokernut untrusted developer
  4. Now go to Settings > General > Profile and trust the app profile. Cokernut profile
  5. After it is done, you are ready to use the Cokernut App  

What’s the story?

What is CokernutX?

CokernutX is an iOS app installer, similar to those we have seen in the past, such as TweakBox, Panda Helper, TopStore, and more. It offers users an easy way of installing apps and games on their iOS devices without having to jailbreak first. When you go through the official app store, you need an Apple account to use it, which means all your downloads are tracked. With CokernutX, you don’t need that Apple account, and you are not restricted to apps that are only for your country – you can download any app for any country and use it without any worries.

Let’s delve in deeper

Features at a Glance:

CokernutX offers users:

  • A wide choice of apps and games, including 3rd-party content and tweaks
  • Easy to install
  • User-friendly app
  • Offers SSL encryption for security
  • No need to jailbreak
  • Works on all iOS devices
  • Completely Free

Want to know more?

Then read on!

Features In-Depth:

Although CokernutX doesn’t offer as much content as its competitors, it does offer a great choice of features and advantages, including tweaks and unofficial content:

  • Free – Everything on CokernutX is and always will be completely free
  • No Jailbreak, No Apple ID – You can enjoy everything CokernutX has to offer without jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad and without needing to use your Apple ID. Just install it and choose your apps and games.
  • Secure – CokernutX features SSL encryption to deliver your apps and games, ensuring complete safety
  • 3rd-Party Apps and Games – Unofficial content from app and games developers who work outside the appstore. You can also find streaming apps, tweaks, and loads of other content you wouldn’t normally find on the AppStore. In short, CokernutX offers users a great experience for free, and there are more than 5,000 apps and games on offer, all divided into categories for easier use.

Cool, right?

We’re not done yet, though.

Frequently Asked Questions:

cydia faq small

As with any app, there are some questions that get asked frequently:

  • What is CokernutX?

It is an unofficial app store, packed with over 5,000 apps and games for iOS users, including many unofficial apps and tweaks.

  • Is it Free?

Yes, completely free to download, and all apps and games are free as well.

  • Do I Need an Apple ID or Jailbreak?

No to both. The only restriction is that your device must be running iOS 8 or above.

  • Can I Contact the CokernutX developers?

Yes; the best place to do it and to follow us on social media to stay up with all the latest developments is on Twitter

  • How do You Decide Which App and Games to Include?

When CokernutX first started, it only offered the most popular games, and apps form the official store. Then attention turned to how the app could serve the jailbreak community and, very soon, unofficial apps and tweaks and games were included, providing users with a way of getting some of their content without having to install Cydia.

  • Do App Developers Pay for Advertising?

CokernutX has a policy in place against advertising and will not accept advertising apps. The aim of the app is to serve users with cool and useful content, not bombard them with ads. While there may be the odd one, there is certainly not the level that many other ad-supported apps include.

  • Can I Republish the Games and Apps on CokernutX?

Yes, you can. We are open source and do not have many restrictions in place.


  • Why You Should Download CokernutX:

CokernutX is the latest in a long line of Cydia alternatives and, although it doesn’t offer as many apps and games as the others do, it does offer quality content. It is safe, secure, and easy to use, not to mention free and offers users an all-round great app experience.

Don’t delay

Download CokernutX today, don’t forget to tell us of your experience with the app and follow the developers on Facebook for all the latest news.

Additional Information:

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CokernutX Team
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13 thoughts on “CokerNutx”

  1. It’s not working on my phone an iPhone 6s Plus. I’m getting a message that saying file can’t not open, unsupported

  2. Hi I opened this app and everything ran smoothly then when I went to download an app a notification will pop up saying “unable to download” pls help I’m on an iPad 5th gen with update 13.2.2

    • sorry about the issue. there has been a revoke by Apple. All you have to do now is wait for 24 – 48 hours and re-download the CokerNutX app configuration profile from above after deleting the old one.

  3. Hi, whenever i tried to use spotify++ it said unable to download. so then i deleted both of the apps and see if i just reinstalled them that it would work. but now when i go on the page to download cokernutx it says use the web and not download… so what should i do?

  4. It seems like the app doesn’t even exist anymore. Every time I try to load their site, it shows a “500 internal server” error. I can’t download the app, as the website and configuration profile don’t load.

  5. Can the uncover version that was able to jailbreak iOS 12.1.4 comeback I’m trying to download cokernutx but it always goes to a 505 error page what can I do ?

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