Checkra1n Jailbreak

Checkra1n is a jailbreak for iOS 14 firmware that also works on iOS 12.3 and above.

checkrain checkra1n jailbreak

Follow the link below to download the Checkrain jailbreak app on your Mac computer.

Download Link Mac

How to Download CheckRa1n:

You must have the following things before you could jailbreak your iOS device.


  • The jailbreak tool is supported on macOS only at the moment – Microsoft Windows OS will be supported in the near future.
  • It is a semi-tethered jailbreak – you will require your computer to reboot your iPhone or iPad if you power off your device.
  • Support is for the 64-bit A5-A11 devices. 
  • Supports iOS 12.3 or above – works on iOS 14
  • At the moment, this is just an experimental tool on the iPhone 5S, iPad Mini 2, 3, and iPad Air
  • Cydia is the default package manager, but others will be added in the future

How to Install Checkra1n Jailbreak:

  1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac using the correct, official cable
  2. If you are asked to trust your device, do so
  3. Download the Checkra1n jailbreak from the download link above.
  4. Find and double-click on the .dmg file on your Mac to open it
  5. Drag and drop the checkra1n app to your Applications folder
  6. Open Applications and right-click the checkra1n file
  7. Choose the option to Show Package Contents. checkrain package contents
  8. Next, click Checkra1n > Contents > MacOS 
  9. Double-click on the checkra1n_gui file and the jailbreak application will open. chera1n jailbreak installer
  10. Make sure the jailbreak application has recognized your iPhone or iPad and click on Start
  11. You will now be asked to place your device into DFU – click on Next
  12. Click Start and follow the on-screen instructions to put your device into DFUdfu mode checkrain
  13. When that has completed successfully, the jailbreak will start the exploitation and jailbreak process. checkrain app
  14. You should see the verbose boot screen with the chekra1n theme on it – do NOT disconnect your device until the jailbreak is complete
  15. Once it has finished, the application can be closed. checkra1n app
  16. Look on your home page for the Checkra1n loader and tap to open it. checkra1n ios 13 iphone
  17. Tap Cydia and then Install Cydia checkra1n install cydia
  18. The jailbreak application will now begin to install Cydia
  19. The app closes when the process is finished, and you will see Cydia on your home screen. ios 13.2.2 jailbreak cydia
  20. That’s it; your device is successfully jailbroken with the Checkrain jailbreak.

How to Install Sileo after CheckRa1n Jailbreak:

To add Sileo, you need to add the Sileo Repo to Cydia. A complete step by step guide is given in the linked tutorial. Simply add the following repo and install Sileo on your iPhone after Checkra1n jailbreak.

  • repo.sileoteam.apps

Note: Installing Sileo will uninstall Cydia and set the default shell to zsh.

How to Delete Checkrain Jailbreak:

delete app

If things don’t go right or you need to delete the jailbreak appstore installed using Checkrain ( i.e., Sileo or Cydia ), it is quite simple to do. Check out the links below for further details:

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is Checkra1n?

Checkra1n is a community-backed iPhone jailbreaking project that is created to provide a high-quality semi-tethered jailbreak to all users for iPhone and iPad. The Checkrain jailbreak tool jailbreak is based on the checkm8 bootrom exploit

  • How to use Checkra1n on Windows?

Checkra1n is not available for download on Windows at the moment. You will need to use an Apple com[uter to install the Checkra1n jailbreak. A better alternative is the Unc0ver Jailbreak app that installs directly on your iPhone.

  • When will  Checkra1n be released for Windows?

Currently, there is no ETA on when the Windows version of Checkra1n jailbreak will be released.

Let us know how you get on with Checkrain and follow us on Facebook for more jailbreak news.

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114 thoughts on “Checkra1n Jailbreak”

  1. Any news if this will be available for Windows Or Linux soon? Or if possible without a computer or is it gonna stay on semi-tethered?

    • hello …sir give me some link for iphone 7 in ios 14.0.1 i need checkra1n jailbreak and also i do something but not support on my device iphone 7 and i have bootable pendrive but have many types of diffrenr diffrent issue . pls give me correct link then i will try to do this . still waiting to windows version

    • Great !! glad that you were successful. Checkra1n app has been upgraded to new version for better compatibility and lesser issues, making it a more stable iOS 13 jailbreak tool.

  2. Does it work on iPad (5th generation)?
    While I am installing jailbreak, the following is appeared.
    “Timed out waiting for bootstrap upload (Likely caused by an incompatible tweak, to enable Safe Mode check the option on main screen) (Error code: -20)”

    Thank You.

    • Good Evening,

      Im having the same issue with my iPhone 6 12.4.3 it gives me the same error and im not sure if im doing something wrong.

  3. Jailbreak installed on iphone 6s also has a timeout waiting for the bootloader to upload possibly due to incompatible adjustments, please check the home screen for the safe mode error code:-20

    The iphone 11 Pro Max couldn’t click START either

  4. Hello, once I get to the “Double-click on checkra1n_gui file” it does not work. The message says
    “Welcome to checkra1n!
    Sorry, iPhone XS (iOS 13.2.2) is not supported”

  5. Hi I jailbreaked my iphone se 13.2.2 and I installed an apprently incompatible tweak.
    Now I dont’t have checkra anymore and I can’t open cydia nether delete it. Could somone help me thanks

  6. I have tried several times to jailbreak my iPhone 6 on 12.4.3 but no success. (and now iTunes crashes when I plug my iPhone. ) Here is the log:

    – [*] Waiting for DFU devices
    – [*] DFU mode device found
    – [*] Attempting to perform checkm8 on 7000 11…
    – [*] == Checkm8 Preparation stage ==
    – [*] DFU mode device found
    – [*] == Checkm8 Setup stage ==
    – [*] Entered initial checkm8 state after 3 steps, issuing DFU abort..
    – [*] DFU device disconnected
    – [*] DFU mode device found
    – [*] == Checkm8 Trigger stage ==
    – [*] Checkmate!
    – [*] DFU device disconnected
    – [*] DFU mode device found
    – [*] == Checkm8 Trying to run payload… ==
    – [*] If everything went correctly, you should now have code execution.
    – [*] DFU device disconnected
    – [*] Download mode device found
    – [*] Download mode device disconnected
    – [!] Timed out waiting for bootstrap upload (Error -20)

  7. There’s just something i don’t get. If the exploit is related to the material means the kind of chip, then why is the software version so important? why should the phone be under ios 12.3 minimum? Your compatibility list also includes iPhone 4S but as far as i know that device is not compatible with iOS 12.3. Or am i misunderstanding ? Just asking myself and hope someone could give me an answer.

    • Thank you for pointing it out. It’s supported from iPhone 5S and above and not iPhone 4S. Apologies for the confusion. The correction has been made.

  8. Getting an error message when trying to install checkra1n 0.9.5

    Sorry, iPhone XS Max (iOS 13.1.3) is not supported.
    ECID: 0x1602d926ba002e

  9. Will there be a feature that puts the phone in dfu mode (my 5s home button doesn’t work) in the Linux version? Will there be a rpi version?

  10. Has anyone succeeded with iPad mini2? I’m in iOS 12.4…. had uncover but can’t sign app. Tried with checkra1n and no luck! Error -31 and -20… Cydia won’t work

  11. ok I found a solution, my iPhone ios 12.4 tries to jailbreak with Checkra1n. Once the jailbreak is finished and cydia installed add the source https://repo. then installed ReProvision once this tweaks installed open the app and connected you with your apple ID once this step is finished open safari and found unc0ver in ipa click format to download the app and open it with ReProvision for the installed be sure to sign the apps now with each restart of your iPhone you can jailbreak directly with you unc0ver app without your pc or mac

  12. tried to use this on iphone 11 pro max on ios 13.2.2 and the gui says my phone is not supported.. i guess i got confused since iphone 11 pro max is listed as supported although a13 processor is not listed (only up to a11)..
    tried using checkra1n 0.9.6 please help or clarify.. thank you

    • Hi, sorry about the issue. Thanks for reporting. The jailbreak is unconfirmed at the moment for the a13 devices. The post has been updated accordingly.

  13. I’m using max os on windows with Oracle VM Virtualbox. When i plug my iphone 6 plus with 12.4.1 in the computer checkra1n shows an error:
    DFU mode device found
    failed to convert USB serial number to UTFB (error code: -5)
    Unable to perform checkm8: e00002bc (error code: -21)

    Can someone help me?

  14. I tried to open the file and all I see are “checkra1n” and “libfatman.dylib”. Both are Terminal files. How do I find the “checkra1n_gui” file? I’m on a Mac, and it’s connected to my iPad Pro.

  15. hi,
    um, so my iPhone XS (IOS 13.3)
    is not supported.
    I tried to use the instructions but there isn’t a GUI file in Contents -> MacOS.
    just a checkra1n and libfatman.dylib file. I put he phone in DFU mode, opend the checkra1n terminal file and it said:
    device not supported error code -41
    unknown error error code -41
    exploit failed error code -31
    unknown error -31

    But I also want to mention, you guys are crazy. I can’t even walk normal und u can program such a cool application. Respect.
    And thanks for your help.

  16. Checkra1n (v 0.97) and icloudbypassCA worked like a charm on my 7+ (IOS 13.2.3) icloud locked phone. However, the error server not available when I tried to log in using my AppleID. When I updated to IOS 13.3, the jailbreak disappeared and the icloud activation lock returned. Checkra1n and icloudbypassCA doesn’t work anymore!
    Checkra1n (v0.97) does not work for iPhone 5. device not found.

  17. Hi,

    The CheckRa1n does not work for my iPhone SX Max. A message is saying “Sorry, iPhone XS Max (iOS 13.3) is not supported.
    ECID: 0xa68293e88002e”

    I’m not able to push the start button, It’s greyed out.

  18. will there be a chance that checkra1n will be installed without using a computer, like unc0ver for example? thanks for the reply, keep up the good work!

  19. Hi!

    Are this works with A13 (11 Pro) and ios 13.3.1 beta?

    I’ve got this:

    “Sorry, iPhone 11 Pro is not supported.”

    Thank you

  20. I have a windows 10 and a iOS 13.2 13.3 and I can not get it to download on to anything I have to get my Apple TV to be broke. On screen display says beta and on app it won’t bring checkra1n up

  21. i am using a mac and a iphone xr 13.3 and i keep getting this error message
    (Sorry, iPhone XR (iOS 13.3) is not supported.)

    need help getting cydia installed…..

  22. Hi
    I downloaded Checkra1n but I cannot open it, I get a message to state that its from an unknown developer
    Any ideas?
    Also when I start the phone it goes into remote management mode and asks for a username and password. How do I get around this and jailbreak the phone.

    Please advise
    Thanks Pete…

  23. works on ipad A1954 lte ,even cellular data works. But not so stable ipad reboots two-three times a day, so checkra1n again. Great work guys, keep on!

  24. I’m not able to Jailbreak the device is iPhone 6s using checkra1n version 0.9.7, getting this error “Timed out waiting for bootstrap upload”
    Is it supports for iPhone 6s ,if yes how to resolve the issue ?
    can someone update

  25. please why can’t I use chekra1n on my laptop ttwice ? once I unlock the first phone I must use another laptop I keep getting this message HOST VERIFICATION KEY FAILED

  26. Can you tell the proper way to remove jailbreak, i ve done everything removed cydia, chackr1n but my banking apps still shows that ypur device is in jailbroken state . iphone 6 ios 12.4.4

  27. Hey i cant jailbreak my phone ios 13.3.1 because i dont have a computer, can you help me out with something else

  28. Please give us a specific release date of checkra1n that support A13 devices such the iPhone 11, pro and pro max..

    I seriously need to jailbreak my iphone 11

  29. Hello there, what’s up?? I followed the instructions step by step and Terminal is now installing the jailbreak, but it took so long (about half an hour or something) is it normal, or did I messed up somehow??
    I have a 6 plus (IOS 12) and I chose the jailbreak for IOS 14 because I want to install IOS 14 is it ok??
    would you pls help me??
    Thank gazillions.

  30. I’m running checkra1n Version beta 0.12.2 on macOS High Sierra 10.13.6
    I get sorry, iPhone SE is supported, but iOS 14.4.1 is not.
    Supported versions are 12.0 – 14.3
    ECID: 0x1c25e8107b8226

    My phone was running running fine until it updated and lock me out. Germany is automatically chosen, I can chose language and wifi, but keep getting Unable to Activate. I have tried to manually add Europe DNS server with no success. I want to be able to restore the phone. iTunes doesn’t allow me to activate the phone either.

    Should I try to break the phone anyway or is an upate coming for 14.4.1?


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