Are you an Android user who wants more content than you can get from the official app store? Are you fed up with paying for apps or games? Well, I’m going to show you how you can download any Android app or game that you want using an app called AppVN. And, even better, it’s all FREE.appvn icon

Yes, that’s right; FREE

AppVN Features:

This app offers users a huge range of content and all of it is free to use on any Android device. Some of the best features include:

  • All the latest apps and game
  • Developer updates delivered via the app itself
  • Plenty of useful apps for your Android phone
  • Search feature built-in, saving you time
  • Dead simple to use
  • Everything is Free

Crazy isn’t it ?

How to Download AppVN:

This is very simple to do; all you need is the AppVN APK file and the instructions below:

  1. First, open your Android Security settings and enable the option that says Unknown Sources – AppVN will not download if this is not enabled
  2. Now fire up your computer and download the APK File ( link )
  3. Unzip it, extract the contents and then send the appvn.apk file in an email to yourself
  4. On your Android device, open your email and download the file
  5. Go to Downloads and double-tap the apk; it will now install to your device
  6. When its all done, you can download any app or game you want for free.

Follow these instructions as written and it will all work.

It really is easy.

Alternatives Apps:


If you want something different, perhaps a few modified apps and games, try the alternative app store called ACMarket on your Android smartphone or tablet.

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