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Does it irritate you that you cant use third-party apps without them crashing? This is down to Apple, not the app developers; the revoke certificates for unofficial apps, leaving you having to reinstall everything every few days. 

anti revoke apps

Why Apps Revoke?

Apple has been on a bit of an app-revoke spree over the last couple of weeks, pulling expired enterprise certificates commonly used by third-party stores. That has led to many people not being able to use their apps and games, and the third-party app stores have fallen silent. Much of that is down to the rising expense associated with the certificates.

untrusted enterprise developer

You may have noticed when you need to trust a third-party app, that the developer’s name is Chinese is 99% of cases. That’s because most of the certificates are sold by Chinese certificate sellers in a business that has become a huge hidden industry. Many of these companies either recycle enterprise certificates or rent p12 files, resulting in a rise in price as they sell to downstream users. Those users then add a bit on top to sell to their own downstream users in a never-ending, ever more expensive cycle. And some of the third-party app stores we’ve been using put the certificate price up to and sell on to another store once they’ve used it to sign their apps.

Like this, each enterprise certificate is sold many times over and potentially used by thousands of different apps and services. It doesn’t take much for Apple to spot what is going on, making it so much easier for them to revoke those certificates.

It isn’t the hidden industry in China that is being affected by these revocations; they will carry on regardless, finding more certificates, and continually recycling them, raising the price every time. No, it is the ordinary user who loses out. Within hours of installing an app, they find its no longer usable, leaving them to delete it and reinstall it, repeatedly.

We’ve found a solution to this; well, three solutions, all neither needing you to jailbreak either.

What’s the answer?

Best AntiRevoke Apps:

The answer lies in anti-revoke-type apps and services. Without further ado, let’s dig deeper

  • Nothx App

nothx anti revoke app

Nothx is very simple; it provides a dummy VPN that will hide where you download your custom content from; this stops Apple from detecting them and, in turn, they cannot revoke the app certificate. It’s completely free to use, takes just seconds to install, and provides you with complete protection.

Download NoThx

  • LazarusJailed App


This is quite advanced in the way it works. Using a combination of anti-revoke and voucher_swap exploit, it will clear your third-party app cache every time you close the app. This stops data being sent on to the Apple servers; if there is no data, Apple can’t revoke the app, it’s as simple as that.

Download Lazarus

So how do we get these marvelous apps? The answer is very simple, download TweakBox app.

TweakBox app is an unofficial installer, home to thousands of apps, tweaks, and games. You can download both LazarusJailed, and Nothx from TweakBox, so click the link above to get all the details on how to do it.

  • Using a VPN App


The 3rd-option to protect your device from revokes is to hide your personal data like device-id, downloaded unofficial apps, and games from getting passed on to Apple and app developers. A VPN is a private network that protects your device from getting identified in the network. This, in return, prevents your device certificated from getting revoked. We have listed some of the compatible VPN providers for you in the link below.

Recommended VPN’s


How to Run Revoked Apps ( Updated )

First found out by a Youtuber, here is how the fix works.

  1. Go to Settings and Tap Safari safari settings iphone 11
  2. Scroll down and tap Clear History and Website Data. It may need to be done more than one time. clear history and website data iphone 11
  3. Turn off Wifi and Cellular Data, to make sure no connections to the internet is available.turn off wifi and cellular iphone 11
  4. Turn on Airplane Mode airplane mode iphone
  5. Open the app that was Revoked. It will now open without any problems.
  6. While keeping it open, the user can turn off Airplane Mode, and turn back on WiFi and/or Cellular.

Either one of these apps ( or the method above )will do the job, so make your choice and download it. All of these give you back full-control over where you download your apps and games from. And all of them allow you to enjoy your downloads in peace, no certificate revocations, no having to reinstall your apps.

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  1. I downloaded the lazarusjailed app on my iPad and I pressed the block revoke button and it didn’t say reprising it just went off. It didn’t work..

  2. Same here – but isn’t lazarus jailed only for older versions? I don’t really know because I’ve heard of this problem too.

  3. I pressed block revokes because I wanted to play minecraft😭😭😭I’m sorry that I’m crying it’s really hard like I had to delet it 10 times and I was trying to make a map but apple want our life’s hell so it revoked us!!!!!! I might switch to aindroid soon

  4. I pressed the button Thousands of times and it still wouldn’t work!!!! Sorry I’m yelling I’m just so mad at apple right now now I lost my Minecraft progress aka cave game progress


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