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Does it irritate you that you cant use third-party apps without them crashing? This is down to Apple, not the app developers; the revoke certificates for unofficial apps, leaving you having to reinstall everything every few days. 

anti revoke apps

We’ve found a solution to this; well, two solutions, both free and neither needing you to jailbreak either.

What’s the answer?

The answer lies in two anti-revoke-type apps, both working in much the same way.

Without further ado

Let’s dig deeper

Nothx Anti-Revoke App:

nothx anti revoke app

Nothx is very simple; it provides a dummy VPN that will hide where you download your custom content from; this stops Apple detecting them and, in turn, they cannot revoke the app certificate. It’s completely free to use, takes just seconds to install and provides you with complete protection.

Download NoThx

LazarusJailed Anti-Revoke App:

lazarus antirevoke app

This is quite advanced in the way it works. Using a combination of anti-revoke and voucher_swap exploit, it will clear your third-party app cache every time you close the app. This stops data being sent on to the Apple servers; if there is no data, Apple can’t revoke the app, it’s as simple as that.

Download Lazarus

So how do we get these marvelous apps?

The answer is very simple

Download TweakBox App:


TweakBox app is an unofficial installer, home to thousands of apps, tweaks, and games. You can download both LazarusJailed, and Nothx from TweakBox so click the link below to get all the details on how to do it.

Download TweakBox


Either one of these apps will do the job so make your choice and download it. Both give you back full control over where you download your apps and games from. And both allow you to enjoy your downloads in peace, no certificate revocations, no having to reinstall your apps.

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