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Cydia was the top source for third-party apps and tweaks . But not everybody can install Cydia at the moment and not everyone wants jailbreak, but there are several alternatives that now provide a significant amount of what Cydia offers and these are available to all iOS versions.

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Benefits of Cydia Alternatives :

These alternatives are also third-party installers and they offer users a number of benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with all or most devices
  • Work on a range of iOS versions including iOS 7 and above
  • None of them interfere with the iOS system
  • All easy to install and even easier to delete
  • The developers provide full support and keep their installers updated with security fixes and new content
  • SSL encryption
  • Plenty of modified apps and games to choose from including games emulators

Best Cydia Alternatives 2018 :

There are quite a few alternatives to choose from, each offering content that will replace some of what Cydia offers:

  • TweakBox ( Hot )


TweakBox offers a huge range of modified apps and games, along with plenty of other useful content. The developers have helpfully sorted everything into 4 different categories so you can find what you want easily.

TweakBox is a feature-packed installer that is very easy to install and use.

  • Emus4U ( Hot )


Emus4U is another app installer that offers support for a number of emulators, alongside modified apps and tweaked games. It is home to thousands of apps, games, wallpapers, themes and more including apps like MovieBox for watching TV shows and Movies on your iPhone or iPad.

Emus4U also has several options for in-app customization included.

  • ACMarket ( Android )

acmarket logo

ACMarket is different in that it is an unofficial Android store offering Android users a choice of thousands of Android apps. Many of these are modified and some can’t even be found in the original Play Store.

ACMarket is exclusive to Android users at this time, providing them with a taste of what iOS users have long enjoyed.

  • Mojo Installer

mojo installer small 120px

Mojo Installer is closer to Cydia than many alternatives, offering the ability to install your own packages or choose from several built into the app.

  • AppEven ( New )


AppEven is slightly different in that it provides access to a good selection of games emulators for playing console games on the iPad or iPhone. It also has a number of modified apps and tweaked games, along with top media apps like SnapChat Plus and Instagram and more .

To date, Emu4iOS supports 4 different emulators , SNES4iOS, NDS4iOS, GBA4iOS and Happy Chick.

  • Panda Helper ( New )

panda helper original 120px

Panda Helper is one of the newer Cydia alternatives and it comes in a free and a paid version. The free version offers plenty of choices, tweaked games like Pokémon Go++, modified apps like Instagram++ and Snapchat++, and other cool and useful apps and tweaks.

Panda Helper is updated every day with new content as per requests from users.

  • vShare


vShare is one of the original app installers, first available as a Cydia repository and a top source of modified content. Now it works outside of Cydia, offering a choice of modified apps like Spotify++ and Instagram++, a few emulators and support for iOS, Android, and for PC.


vShare is one of the more comprehensive installers with plenty of choice for everyone.

  • AppValley

appvalley icon

Based in US, AppValley is a direct source of iOS apps and games. It is home to thousands of modified and premium apps and games , each leading to an iOS app, game, or other useful files. It is very simple to use and you have plenty of choice including a range of emulators, apps like WhatsApp++, Spotify++ and Pokémon Go++ and loads of other useful apps.


AppValley also offers access to arrange of tweaks such as AirShou and iRec screen recorders.

  • FtOS AppStore

ftos - ftios

Another Cydia alternative , FtOS app store hails from Vietnam , is home to thousands of apps and games. An unofficial app store, it offers gems like Spotify++ and WhatsApp++, along with plenty of other choices.


The developers have placed all the content into six categories; either browse at leisure or go straight to the app you want, FtOS works perfectly either way.


  • HipStore


The last Cydia alternative also comes from developers based in Vietnam. HipStore is another comprehensive installer that offers a huge choice of modified apps and games, alongside lots of other stuff that you won’t find in the official stores.


The developers have helpfully made the app available in several download languages, making it available to more users worldwide. HipStore fully supports all the attest devices on the newest iOS versions.

With access to many apps and tweaks, Mojo Installer is available in several languages and is simple to use.

  • TutuApp

tutuapp icon small 2

TutuApp is an original Cydia alternative, one of the very first and offering perhaps one of the largest numbers of apps and games. Most have been given additional functionality or features and are all free to download and use, as is the TutuApp installer.


Those are the Top alternatives to Cydia right now; as more are released or if there are any changes to these, this page will be updated so like us on Facebook, click Following > See First and all updates will be posted to your newsfeed.

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